The nightmare of needing a tow is one that every driver wants to avoid. But sometimes you run into circumstances that do not leave you with much other option. Say you were driving and your car suddenly came to a grinding halt. Maybe your engine overheated or you can out of fuel.

In these cases, you only have one serious option. You can use your phone to call a towing company, as they will be able to get you out of there. You will get your car towed away and repaired. And you can get home safely too. But what is the best way to get a quick tow?

Save Numbers

Make sure you have the numbers of the top towing companies in your phone. When you have this information saved, you are in a much better position. There is no need to do frantic Google searches to find company information. You just press a couple buttons and you are already dialing a towing company.

Provide Accurate Location Details

A tow truck driver will try and get to you as soon as possible. But they will be even faster if you provide accurate information about your location. Be as specific as possible. If there are any aspects of your car that distinguish it from other such models, mention those facts. For instance, if you have rims on your tires or some other feature.

If you are very vague about where you are located, it will surely take a tow truck driver longer to get to you. If there are any signs on the road or major buildings nearby, mention those so they have a sense for where you are located. And keep a lookout yourself. If you see a truck nearby, you can always flash your lights or wave so they know that it is you!