Growing up, I always felt as though it was difficult to find news about the towing industry. I will admit, it is not common for a young person to be so fascinated by the towing industry. But that is the type of young adult I was. I always wanted to know about what was going on with the industry. Were there any new types of trucks being used? Had any major company emerged in my area? But it was always hard to find details, as though stories were few and far between from major outlets.

It is part of the reason why I decided that when I had the chance, I would start my own towing magazine. Not only did I want to learn more about every aspect of the industry, but I wanted to share that information with other people who were equally passionate about towing. And that is how our magazine was born. An idea that I had for many years eventually became a reality. And thanks to our readers, it has managed to grow every single year.

The support that we have received from our readers is remarkable. There is no doubt that you are the reason why our magazine is still going today. We have more readers every single issue. It is a trend that I hope we can continue in the coming months. We have some very exciting stories coming up and I hope that our readers are excited to read these stories!

We are always seeking new sections and focuses for the magazine, as we want to provide our readers with a deep look at the towing industry. One area that we have focused on lately is the profile section. We wanted to create a special profile section, where we looked at specific companies from the area. Not only does it deliver great exposure for these companies, but it lets our readers learn about what it takes to run a successful towing business.